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Posted over 6 years

Electronic Cigarette - Electronic Cigarette Effects

As the fast production for Electronic Cigarette, the National Institute for Drug Abuse reports that cigarette smoking has 90% which cause lung cancer among those people in the US. These report was done because nicotine is as addictive as cocaine and heroin. The tar also increases the smoker's chance to have cancer or other related diseases that may lead to cardiovascular disease or illness in the lungs.So in the year 2010, studies have focused on the adverse effects of Electric cigarettes and these product is the topic on the controversy.Studies now focuses on the different effects that smokers may have if one uses E-cigarettes.

Here are the different effects that has been discovered from Electronic Cigarette that may cause a lot of disabilities in the body of the user. Base on the researchers of the University Of California, they used smoking machines to measure the amount required to inhale nicotine from Electric cigarettes. So according to the research, those smokers that uses electronic cigarette must puff and use a lot of cartridges for them to achieve the amount of nicotine they needed or tho achieve satisfaction. As for the researchers in Virginia Commonwealth University, the electronic cigarettes do not really deliver nicotine.
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