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Men's Designer Wedding

People indulge in a number of pre-wedding preparations. Buying clothes, jewelry, accessories as well as wedding ring and wedding band for the bride and groom respectively are important pre-wedding rituals. Nowadays, the market is flooded with beautiful wedding bands that are available in amazing designs and classic metals. Wedding bands are made of gold, platinum, titanium, and silver. Designer wedding bands are the latest choice of people. There are many designer companies that exclusively design men's wedding bands and offer a range of brands for people to choose from.
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Men's designer wedding bands have classic styles and patterns that are unique. Designer wedding bands are made of platinum, silver, or white gold. Platinum and 14-ct white gold are used more often, as they are strong metals that last a lifetime. 14-ct yellow gold is considered the American standard and has 49% gold and 51% alloy. Many wedding band designers use yellow sunbrite, which has a golden color for the wedding bands.
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Platinum is the most favored metal for men's designer wedding bands. It is more durable than gold and most men prefer it for a wedding band. However, it is significantly more expensive than gold and is almost twice the price of an 18-ct white gold band. Platinum provides an excellent setting for diamonds but is equally elegant alone.
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There are white diamonds used for men's wedding bands and are graded on an alphabetical scale starting from D. The lesser the color in a diamond, the more is its value. D color diamond is valuable since it is rare and colorless. Fancy diamonds come in a range of colors such as canary yellow, blue, green, and red.
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There are platinum designer men's wedding bands that are hand crafted and engraved. They are delicate yet strikingly beautiful. The bands are a true blend of contemporary design and also exhibit old world beauty. Generally, men's designer wedding bands are expensive but are also available on discounted rates during wedding seasons. They display a quiet elegance, which is classic in design and provide a lifetime of beauty.
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