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Horse Racing - How to Make a Horse Run Faster

This is how you make you horse go faster in a Horse Racing, you need to use aids. Aids are very important to you and your horse when riding, or doing ground work. First you need to tack up and mount your horse and prepare yourself for a horse racing. You should know that your horses is well prepared too. Make sure everything is properly fitted as so as your race horse. Uncomfortable tack could make your horse not want to pick up speed and move its legs. This is how you will do if you want to be prepared for the horse race. Start to warm your horse up at the walk. Have him/her do circles and serpentines.

First you need to have a voice aid is to cluck or say the word "trot". If your horse doesn't listen to this immediately, lightly shake your legs back and forth while using the voice aid to help the horse recognize where to go and do. Horse Racing is controversial to everyone, as they said it is a rich game full of rich people. There are some articles you that can help you in you horse racing to make you horse even faster that you imagine.
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