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Posted over 6 years

Truck Rentals - How To Calculate Mileage For Rental Moving Trucks

Calculating a mileage for moving Truck Rentals is used by the Rental company to determine some additional charges they might place on you, depending on what are the terms and conditions or what have you agreed upon Renting the truck.
The company for the Truck Rentals will charge you for the number of miles that you have driven during the whole duration when you rented the particular truck, so it really pays to know how to keep track of truck's mileage that you rented. You should do this yourself, and not just take or solely rely and believe on what the rental agent's word is on your total mileage. You can also maximize your savings by taking advantage of offers that give you an allotment of free miles as a form of a reward from certain companies. Check first the odometer reading when you pick up or rented the moving truck. Odometer can be found within the speedometer. Make sure and verify that the Rental agent has recorded the truck's total mileage accurately. And the gas tank should be full before you accept the truck. While you use the truck, it would be very helpful to keep all of your receipts for fuel purchases.

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