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Motorhome - How To Replace The Vent Cover On An RV

We know that vents on Motorhome is not for a long lasting or maybe we can say it is not forever good condition and for this we need to replace it once it get damage because of the reason that if there are no vents on the roofs you can directly heat by the sun heat and it is not good to travel if you always heated sun. Not to worry because of the reason that replacing the vents of the motorhome is so easy job. Replace it with a better one and have fun changing the vent cover of your mobile home.

For your beginning, in changing the vent cover in the first place you must secure a large ladder. You will use the ladder to replace your vent cover on your Motorhome roofs. Measure the size of the cover you will be replacing and once you know the size then that is the time you purchase your motorhome vent cover. Remove all the pins and the hinge. There are so many different hinge styles so it is very important that you look at it. Straighten out the tabs that insert into the vent and remove the lid. The last thing is that all you need to do is to insert the tabs on the cover into the Motor Home roofs vent and replace the pins.

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