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Posted over 6 years

Cardboard - How to Cut a Cardboard in Round Shape With Only a Cutter
If you happen to have a project in your school that requires a round shape Cardboard and all you have is a cutter. Then how can you make a circle without a guide? Here's how to do it. All you need is a pencil, some string, and your finger tip (a nail or tack will work as well also). To get whatever it is you want to cut into a circle shape, you will make sure that you have the appropriate tool to cut your items like scissors, knife, or a saw. This is how to begin, get a piece of string and a pencil or what will write on your cardboard material. Determine how big you want your circle to be before you cut your string to just over half the size of the circle.
After you finish preparing your materials, all you have to do is tie the strings in the center of the Cardboard and to the pencil then place your finger in the approximate center of the area where you want to draw the circle. Put the free end of the string under your finger and make sure the cardboard box will not move when you begin to draw. You can tack or nail the string depend on what you will you, then pull the end with the pencil taught and draw your circle by moving the string/pencil around the cardboard box.
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