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Posted over 6 years

Credit Cards - How To Know If A Pre Paid Credit Card Is A Real Credit Card

Are you considering the option of getting yourself some pre paid credit cards? Before you actually purchase a pre paid credit card of your own, make sure first that you already understand what are pre paid credit cards all about, and how does it differ from the traditional or the usual credit cards.

Every people actually have their own opinions about the pre paid credit cards, and they are actually divided because some people prefers to use the pre paid credit cards over the usual or the traditional credit cards, while the other people prefers the opposite or they prefer the other way around. A pre paid credit card actually has its own set of benefits or advantages, and with that, it also has it s own set of disadvantages or draw backs just like any other thing here in this world. So it is just really up to the people on how will they weigh the differences and base it whether which type of Credit Cards will fit more properly with their own preferences and that will also answer or attend to their needs.

So will the pre paid credit cards qualify to be considered as a real credit card? The truth is that a pre paid credit card is not qualified to be considered as a real credit card. Because a type of card can only be considered to be a real type of credit card if in the sense it will be able to access a line of credit above and beyond your available balance or beyond your credit limit for a particular credit card. That is why a pre paid credit card is not considered to be a real credit card because if you run into an emergency that will require you to spend more than you actually have on the card, you will not be able to do so with a pre paid credit card.
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