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Posted over 6 years

Tarot Reading - How Read A Regular Deck Of Diamond Suited Cards In A Tarot Way

A tarot reading during these days does not necessarily requires someone to have a Tarot deck of cards. Your regular deck of playing cards can already be used for tarot readings.

So how is it to interpret some tarot readings when not using a Tarot deck of cards? The number two diamond card means a love affair becomes more important than it was, while three means legal or domestic battles. The number four card means a change for the better, while five means successful meetings, usually in business. Card number six means a reconciliation, and seven means a gift. Number eight means late marriage or new relationship, while nine means opportunities and surprises, usually financial. The ten card means journey, and Jack means a relative not quite reliable. Queen means a flirtatious woman, while the King means a stubborn and powerful man. And lastly, the Ace card means money, and a ring.
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