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Link Building 3 - Common Mistakes in Link Building

The first among the common mistakes in link building is creating links from pages that aren’t related in any way. This mistake is so common that sometime, you can find some SEO companies making the same mistake over and over again without blinking. While it is important to preach the immense need for link building, it has to be said in very firm word that getting one way inbound links from site that aren’t relevant will end up being futile. For example,. If you are selling school materials such as textbooks on the Internet, it is vital that you get one way link backs from schools and other related school materials’ sellers rather than trying to get link backs from other sites that are selling ladies wears. You have to strive to get link for relevant sites so that the search engines’ algorithms would accord your site the needed higher page rank. One other common mistake in link building is not using appropriate keyword in the anchor text. Use your keywords instead of writing ‘CLICK HERE’ in your link texts.You shouldn’t also desist from creating links from pages that are difficult for search engines’ spiders to crawl. Some of these sites are those generated by Flash and JavaScript e.t.c.Another common mistake in link building is trying to get one way back link from a webpage that already has hundreds of outbound links. This wouldn’t be of much benefit to your higher page ranking quest because Google and other search engine may be seeing such page as a link farm and might even completely ignore such backlinks.
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