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Infrared Heaters - How to Heat an Outdoor Cat Enclosure?

Temperature and safety are the concern in heating an outdoor cat enclosure.Infrared heaters Cats need more warmth for their optimal health and they require 35 degrees F temperature or above. So, heating and proper installation is critical.Heated beds and underfloor heating are options needed to provide warmth in cat enclosure.

How to heat an outdoor cat enclosure?Infrared heaters provide each cat with a weather-proof heated beds and an electric quartz infrared heater to prevent overheating. Use with a thermostat control that turns on and off by itself. If there is no outlet, use microwave heating pad. Install and insert an incandescent light bulb with a metal shield and leave the light on to provide moderate warm. To heat outdoor cat enclosure, place a brooder lamp because it provide warmth in an enclosure and it is safe to leave it all night. Since installation is expensive, efficient source of heat is more appropriate.

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