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Posted over 6 years

The Urn Locket - A Treasured Keepsake

Many people have turned to keepsake jewelry as a way to honor their deceased loved ones. These come in all varieties, from pendants to rings. However, one of the most popular, and often meaningful, designs is the urn locket. Some families prefer the discreet nature of an urn locket. Designs are available that are not discernible from a regular locket and can be worn with just about any style clothing. Plus, if you prefer, the locket can be tucked under clothing and kept out of sight. Others appreciate the personal nature of this type of memorial container. Your loved one can be kept close by at all times. Even when you travel or leave the house, the urn locket can be taken with you. Many people find comfort in this, feeling closer to the loved one despite their absence. Finding the perfect design for your locket urn is also not difficult. With the popularity of this type of cremation urn has come variety. You can find a locket in almost any material. A very plain design could be chosen or something more intricate: whatever best represents your loved one's life. Always use a high quality chain, cord, or ribbon to wear the urn locket. You do not want to risk dropping it and losing it forever. If you wear it often, make sure you replace the necklace when needed. When going with the urn locket, also make sure you have a designated place to store it. Avoid storing the urn with your other jewelry pieces. It is far more respectful plus the ring will be less likely to bump into other metals and stones, and possibly scratch or chip. It is also easier to keep tabs on it if it has its own separate box or holder. Most lockets can also be engraved, so you can place significant dates or the loved one's name directly on the locket urn. Depending on the size, you might even choose a short saying or quote. An urn locket is a personal way to honor a departed loved one. You can wear the locket or display it, keeping it for an unlimited length of time. Such a precious keepsake could become a family heirloom, passed down to each new generation.
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