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Posted over 5 years

Best antivirus 2012: How to deal with New Virus Targets Bit Torrent Users?

Usually, peoples whose download torrent from Internet, seems consider themselves a bit more computer savvy than all the average peoples. However, new computers viruses are testing those theories by sending the BitTorrent users a fake notification of anti virus. That virus is often called as SFX FakeAV, & that uses an deadly combination- ‘scareware & ransomware’- to make people convince. For these kinds of problem, the best antivirus 2012 can be really efficient.

But is is true even, that the best antivirus is a bit expensive to buy. It may cost even a hundred dollars. So, if you guess, you need a better one and not the best, go for anti viruses whose price range is around 30 to 50 dollars. But I thing I can suggest you, that never go for free of cost anti viruses. These are just wastage's and are completely for means of nothing. So, be careful.
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