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Posted over 4 years

What is the best way to change careers to Web Design/Development?

Depending on what you want to do, a degree might not be your best bet. For instance, to open a computer repair business, you would think you'd need months and months of training and some sort of degree. Wrong. You need to be A+ certified and you can work on any computer you want as long as you have business licenses. Similar for web design, I'm not sure what you would need to run your own business but the way you come across your certifications is the same. A local community college could have given me tons of training spread out over 2-4 years OR you can pick up a couple books and learn it without the bull in 2-3 months, like I did. I've taken a few minor web design classes and decided not to pursue, instead got my Network + and A+ certificates and now making $18 an hour on my first year of the job. Depending on how much knowledge of web design you have will correlate to if you need beginning classes coming into the field of web design. Learn it and train yourself, it will pay off in a few months! Web designers
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